Adoption Requirements

Requirements for Adoptive Parents

May God bless you for your interest in adoption.  We work with birth parents from all over the United States and the adoption situations are varied.  These will be discussed in detail with you at the time of a match.  In the meantime, we have included a list of answers to commonly asked questions below. 

We require that you complete the following to be added to our adoption program:

  1. Adoption Questionnaire
  2. Family Profile
  3. Home Study

If you need assistance obtaining a home study, we can provide the service or recommend other providers to you.  Additionally, there has been a complete revision of the adoption law, effective June 2, 2003.  You will need to review and execute the Adoption Disclosure required under the new law, which is included on this site.  Please keep a signed original for your file and return a signed original for our file.

Many times, prospective adoptive parents want to know how they can expedite their chances of adopting a baby.  I would first suggest that you tell everyone you know about your search for a child with the hope that someone may learn of a situation down the road.  We often work with birth parents out-of-state, so geography is no limitation.  In addition, you should know that Florida law allows us to advertise that a child is sought for adoption.  You may have seen such advertisements in local newspapers, publications and pamphlets.  Since the ads must include the adoption professional's name and license number, we must approve all submissions.  If you would like further information about this option, please contact us for details.

As mentioned previously, you will be presented to the birth parents in the form of a profile.  Consider the profile to be your "adoptive resume."  This is your best chance to express your feelings about the birth parents' decision in the form of a "Dear Birth Parent" letter.  You will also be constructing a picture collage that best describes the two of you visually.  You have the choice of producing your own profile (please forward six copies) or using a studio service (at additional cost to you).