Adoption Fee Schedule

Home Study (Agency Adoption)

May vary according to the agency or LSW that conducts the study.  The average is approximately $1,600.

Home Study Update

May vary according to the agency or LSW that conducts the study.  The average is approximately $300.

Legal Fees

a.   Step-parent Adoptions (Diligent Search)                                   $ 3,000

b.   Identified Non-contested Adoptions                                          $ 7,000

c.   Contested Adoptions                               Hourly with $ 5,000 retainer

d.   Placement Adoptions                                                                    $12,500

e.   Interstate Compact                                                                        $ 3,000

f.   Re-adoptions (International Adoptions)                                    $ 2,500

g.   Expenses of Birth Mother                                                     As agreed to

h.  Other Costs         Actual cost; $500 cost deposit required (see below)

Home Study Fee

A home study fee is payment for professional services rendered by a licensed social worker or agency not employed by this firm.  The fee is not refundable and is not deductible from any other fees referenced above.  The home study is good for one year.  The firm will recruit and schedule the home study with the most cost-effective, efficient professional we can find.

Birth Parent Counseling Fee

Birth parent counseling is mandatory for all adoptions other than step-parent adoptions.

Placement Fees

For legal services and fees involved when the firm recruits and matches the birth parent(s) with the adoptive parent(s).  Placement fees are for the professional services involved in the adoption, including placement of the child in the adoptive home.  Fifty percent  (50%) of the placement fee is due when the match is made and fifty percent (50%) is payable at the time of placement. 

Interstate Compact Fee

For the professional services required for an Interstate Compact adoption placement when the birth parents have selected an out-of-state couple.  This fee is in addition to the other legal fees quoted above.

Other Costs

These costs are only if necessary.  You will only be primarily and directly responsible for necessary costs incurred including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Long distance telephone calls
  • Postage
  • Photocopies at $.25 per page
  • Facsimile transmissions at $.50 per facsimile page
  • Out-of-town travel expenses (including all meals and lodging while out of town and $.40 per mile for the attorney's automobile transportation)
  • Deposition expenses (including costs of transcript and court reporter's fee for attendance)
  • Publication costs
  • Court costs (such as filing fees, service of process, subpoena costs, witness fees, etc.)
  • Medical fees
  • Other expenses that the firm deems necessary to assist in the handling of the adoption

Other Services

The firm may recommend, and assist you in obtaining, the following:

  • Birth parent counseling
  • Adoptive parent counseling
  • Pre-placement care for the child
  • Medical testing
  • DNA testing
These services would be performed by outside agencies and you would be responsible for the actual cost incurred.